UA Analytics


Overcoming the challenge of transforming raw data from Universal Analytics (UA) into meaningful insights became even more pressing when Google ceased processing UA data on July 1, 2023. The urgency to preserve invaluable historical data prompted our client's desire to archive and visualize it through a Looker Studio dashboard.

Specific Client Needs

Granular Data:

The client sought granular insights, particularly in demographic and device data, to refine their marketing strategies for more targeted and effective campaigns.

Real-Time Insights:

Timeliness was paramount, with a demand for real-time accessibility to data. This requirement aimed to enable prompt decision-making in a dynamic online landscape.

Customized Reporting:

Tailoring our solution to meet specific audience analytics requirements was a key client expectation. The goal was to create a reporting system that precisely aligned with their unique needs.

Platforms Used Universal Analytics

Tailored Solution for Your Universal Analytics Report

Our approach to transforming Universal Analytics data into actionable insights involved crafting a customized Python pipeline. Leveraging the power of Cloud Functions and Cloud Schedulers within BigQuery, we implemented a solution designed to fetch data seamlessly from the UA Data Reporting API. Our custom Python pipeline ensures the preservation of historical data and addresses the challenge posed by Google's discontinuation of UA data processing. This robust process allows us to not only retrieve valuable data but also clean and structure it efficiently. To ensure real-time accessibility and a dynamic reporting experience, our team created a Looker Studio dashboard. This indicates dashboard goes beyond standard reporting by providing not only real-time data but also rich visualizations and precise filters. It empowers you to make informed, data-driven decisions promptly. The tools we employed, including Cloud Functions, Cloud Schedulers, and BigQuery, were chosen for their efficiency and scalability. The Python pipeline, specifically tailored for UA data, guarantees a seamless flow from data extraction to dashboard creation. Maximize your website's potential with our Universal Analytics report, transforming complex data into actionable insights. Our tailored solution not only addresses the immediate challenge but also ensures a sustainable and adaptive approach to analytics, preparing you for a brighter and data-driven future.

“Throughout the project you constantly feel like you are in safe hands‌.‌”

Client of the Famery project