Challenge -

The client grappled with managing and making sense of their advertising data, especially across multiple platforms. The complexity of data calculations and the demand for real-time and in-depth aChallenge Navigating COVID-19 data can be overwhelming. Traditional reports often struggle to present critical metrics in a clear, accessible manner, hindering quick decision-making.

Specific Client Needs

Comprehensive Metrics: A need for a comprehensive view of COVID-19 impact, covering confirmed cases, employee data, and the percentage of employees at risk.

Global Overview:

A desire for a chart illustrating COVID-19 data, providing a global perspective on the pandemic's reach.

City Insights:

The need for a chart breaking down confirmed cases by city, offering detailed insights into regional impacts.

Employee Risk Analysis:

A requirement for a chart showcasing age group-wise employees at risk, facilitating targeted interventions.

Platforms Used


Tailored Solution for Your Tableau COVID-19 Report

The Tableau-driven COVID-19 report, delivers a high-level overview of critical metrics. From confirmed cases to employee data and the percentage of employees at risk, our report simplifies the complexities of COVID-19 data. Explore the global impact with an informative world map, providing a visual narrative of the pandemic's reach. Drill down into regional insights with a horizontal bar chart showcasing city-wise confirmed cases, enabling targeted response strategies. Navigate employee risk dynamics with a tree map chart, breaking down at-risk demographics by age groups. Our report transforms raw COVID-19 data into actionable insights, fostering informed decision-making for a safer tomorrow.

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