Deciphering Ecommerce
A Power BI Project

Deciphering ecommerce data can be like navigating a maze. Traditional reports often lack the visual appeal needed to quickly grasp monthly performance, gauge actual vs target metrics, and understand global and category-wise trends.

Holistic Overview:
A holistic summary of ecommerce performance, covering monthly revenue, orders, returns, and more.

Visual Clarity:
A desire for visualizati ons like line charts depicting weekly performance and gauge charts illustrating actual revenue vs target revenue, orders, and returns.

Global Perspective:
The need for a world map displaying country-wise performance, providing insights into the global impact of ecommerce operations.

Product Insights:
A requirement for a pie chart breaking down orders by product category, facilitating strategic decisions on product offerings.

Platform used:
Power BI

Tailored Solution for Your Power BI Ecommerce Summary Report

Elevate your ecommerce strategy with our Power BI-powered Ecommerce Summary report, offering a visual feast of key performance indicators and insights. From monthly revenue to orders, returns, and beyond, our report provides a comprehensive overview of your e-commerce landscape.

Delve into the dynamics with line charts showcasing weekly performance and gauge charts illustrating actual vs target metrics. Gain a global perspective with a world map, dynamically portraying country-wise e-commerce performance.

Fine-tune your product strategy with a pie chart breaking down orders by category, guiding decisions on inventory and marketing. Our report transforms raw e-commerce data into a visual narrative, simplifying complexity and fostering data-driven decisions.

“Throughout the project you constantly feel like you are in safe hands‌.‌”

Client of the Danclas project