Challenge - The client grappled with managing and making sense of their advertising data, especially across multiple platforms. The complexity of data calculations and the demand for real-time and in-depth algorithmic reports required a new solution .

Specific Client Needs -
Daily insights:
The client's primary demand was daily insights. They needed to access crucial performance data daily, allowing them to make agile, data-driven decisions in a rapidly changing landscape.

Tailored KPI needs:
The complexity of the client's operations required specialized KPIs that aligned perfectly with their goals. We were tasked with crafting and providing these customized KPIs, ensuring they could effectively measure the performance of their advertising campaigns.
Platforms Used:
Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Shopify, Klaviyo, YouTube, BigQuery, and Looker Studio.

Tailored Marketing Analytics Solutions

Our comprehensive marketing analytics solutions were meticulously tailored to address the specific pain points and requirements outlined by the client. Leveraging a combination of advanced tools, our approach involved utilizing Fivetran as the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tool for gathering raw data from various platforms. Subsequently, we employed BigQuery's sophisticated SQL pipelines to cleanse and refine the data, ensuring its accuracy and relevance.

The cleaned output served as the foundation for our Looker Studio-powered automated dashboard, which displayed essential metrics. This dashboard provided an in-depth and real-time analysis of marketing performance. Furthermore, our team harnessed Looker Studio's capabilities to craft a visually engaging interface, enhancing the interpretability of complex data.

By incorporating these technologies, our solution empowered the client with the ability to make informed decisions swiftly, optimizing their ad campaigns and maximizing the return on investment. The synergy of Fivetran, BigQuery, and Looker Studio in our tailored approach ensured a robust and scalable solution to meet the dynamic needs of the client's advertising ecosystem.

“Throughout the project you constantly feel like you are in safe hands‌.‌”

Client of the project